This is, the internet home of Paviinka !
This site was created sometime in February 2021, but the first real update was on the last day of the year, 31st of December, 2021.
The initial reason as of why to create this site was to create an online portfolio of sorts, but now I only want to make dedicated mini-pages about things I enjoy. For the whole world to see, maybe. And perhaps archive my internet journey of past years.

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22-01-27; updated Cowboy Bebop mini site
22-01-19; updated some main pages (gem links)
22-01-18; Pondathon II page added
22-01-10; Cowboy Bebop mini site uploaded
22-01-xx; work on the archive
22-01-02; work on the archive, blog post
22-01-01; updated blog, about, added guestbook and started working on 2008 website archive
22-12-31; updated index.html

Resources used:

Coded in Atom while looking up things on W3schools chaotically.
Paper looking images are from Yoshi's Crafted World (Nintendo 2019), images taken from the Mariowiki or edited from gameplay screenshots.
Cursors are by nrox653.
Stripes generated at
Button created in Adobe ImageReady 7.0 (woah, discontinued since 2005!).
Hosted on Neocities (follow me!)
Poochy pups